Development update

Purposeful partnerships

We’re finding great success working in partnership with national homebuilders to help boost the number of homes we’re building. In fact, this summer we’ve announced two new joint venture partnerships. We’ve joined forces with three other housing associations just like us to create Evera Homes, a partnership that will deliver at least 2,000 new homes throughout Peterborough and Cambridgeshire over the next few years.

Our second partnership is with Homes England and Kier Living and will see homes built across the UK. Homes England is the national regulatory body for housing associations, so this is an incredibly high-profile collaboration that we’re very proud to be involved with.We’ll use the profit from the sale of these homes to invest in our affordable development programme to build new homes for affordable rent and for shared ownership in an area near you.

A record-breaking summer

The temperatures aren’t the only things breaking records this year, the team at CKH completed more homes in June than in any single month ever before! We delivered a fantastic 86 new homes - 47 for affordable rent and 39 for shared ownership. It’s great progress towards our goal to complete 500 homes during 2018/19.

Spotlight on shared ownership

Shared ownership is a great option for people who want to get on the housing ladder but are struggling to save for a deposit or wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage for the full cost of the house.

A lot of people think shared ownership is complicated, but really it’s just an option that lets you buy and own as much of your own home as you can afford, while you still pay some rent on the other part. Over time, you can buy more shares in your home until you own it outright.

We’re currently building homes for shared ownership in Peterborough, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. Find out more at

“Even though I’d been saving for a while, I didn’t think I had enough for a deposit, especially buying on my own. I gave CKH a ring to find out more. I wasn’t expecting that call to lead to me buying a home, I was just making an enquiry to help me plan for the future. They were really helpful though and explained the whole process. That’s when I began to realise it was possible, I could buy somewhere on my own. I was surprised how easy it was from then.”

Rebecca, a shared owner in Milton Keynes.

"They were really helpful though and explained the whole process."