Fighting fly-tipping
on our streets

Fly-tipping is an ugly, unhealthy and sometimes dangerous issue that happens on thousands of streets across the UK. But just because it happens a lot doesn’t mean it’s ok. That’s why the CKH Resident Scrutiny Panel decided to investigate how we can tackle the problem on our streets.

Fly-tipping is the name for waste that’s dumped on the street or other land, such as parks, instead of being properly disposed of. The Scrutiny Panel has spent the last few months investigating issues with fly-tipping in and around our neighbourhoods to discover how it affects our communities as well as the impact it has on CKH as a business.

They discovered that our Estate Rangers spend almost half of their time dealing with fly-tipping, which means they can’t get on with other important jobs. Clearing up this mess cost us more than £120,000 in 2016 so if we can cut down the amount of rubbish we need to clear up, we’ll be able to invest that money in other useful services.

What are the consequences of fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is illegal and there are serious fines involved; you can even get taken to court. Dealing with fly-tipping isn’t part of the normal public services that councils provide, so the cost of removing the waste takes away from other services. It’s the same at CKH, so if we remove fly-tipping that we believe our residents are responsible for, we recharge a cost to cover the time we spent clearing up and disposing of the mess.

There are environmental impacts too as fly-tipping can attract rats and other vermin to your neighbourhood. Plus, it’s just not very nice to see rubbish ruining our streets and green spaces.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your waste is disposed of responsibly. You are the one who will face court if rubbish that can be linked to you and your address is found fly-tipped, even if someone else left it there.

There are some people who advertise waste removal services but they really just fly-tip the rubbish they collect – don’t get caught out, always make sure you use a reliable waste collection service!

Bulky Items

Did you know, we can help you remove bulky domestic items? If you live in Peterborough and are struggling to dispose of large items (like an old fridge or washing machine), our Rangers can remove them for a small charge of £20 (for up to 3 items). Contact our repairs centre to book your bulky waste collection or book online via MyCKH.

A closer look at our scrutiny panel

Our independent Resident Scrutiny Panel is a new group which was formed in 2017 combining members from the previous scrutiny panel and the policy review group. This panel has adopted a new approach to scrutiny which is heavily resident-led and fly-tipping has been the focus of their first review. Panel members have conducted interviews and visits as part of this process in order to come up with recommendations to improve the issue for everyone.

If you would like to get involved, please email or call us on 01733 396404.

Reporting fly-tipping

Different people are responsible for dealing with fly-tipping in different places, it’s useful to understand who does what so you can report it to the right place first time.

  • The local council is responsible for clearing waste that is fly-tipped on public land such as parks or roadsides. You can report fly-tipping through the Council’s website or for issues in Peterborough try the My Peterborough app.
  • Fly-tipping on private land is the responsibility of the owner.
  • CKH removes fly-tipping that is dumped on land that we own. You can report fly-tipping online via MyCKH. We always look for evidence to find out where fly-tipping came from and will charge people for removing waste.

When you report fly-tipping it’s really important to be as specific as possible, try to give a full address and description or even provide a photo when you can. If you have evidence that could help identify the person who dumped the waste, please share it as that will help make sure they are charged and put them off doing it again.

Get started with MyCKH at

Are there other ways I can fight fly-tipping?

Recycle it:

A lot of charity shops will come to collect items of furniture that other people can reuse. Or you can list things on websites like Freecycle and Gumtree to see if there’s anyone who could use something you don’t want any more.

Know your waste:

Check out the waste collection information on the council’s website to find out the best way to get rid of garden waste, bulky items and things that can be recycled.