Getting Value for Money

At CKH we take Value for Money very seriously. We make sure every pound we receive works as hard as possible to deliver the very best service we can.

We have to meet the expectations of the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) which are explained in their published standards. They largely focus on financial performance and how effectively and efficiently we are playing our role in improving housing supply by using our resources wisely.

To ensure we are delivering a great, value for money service, we set targets and measure our performance against the best housing associations.

We know that there is a real shortage of housing in our region, and so we are tackling this in two ways:

  1. We are making our homes ‘work harder’, by reducing the number of days homes are empty between one household moving out, and another moving in.
  2. We are building more homes than ever before. In the last year we have built 432 new homes – 132 more than last year. Our target is to deliver 2,500 new homes by 2023.

We have reduced the number of days our general needs homes are empty from 20.87 days in 2016/17 to 17.12 days in 2017/18. For our sheltered accommodation that time has reduced from 20.48 days to 15.59 days. So the percentage of rent we lose through empty homes has reduced from 0.48% to 0.36%

We’ve spent £10.8million on our continuous improvement programme, along with £1.8million on cyclical repairs and £5million on repairs and vacant homes. We are particularly proud of the way we repair and maintain the homes that you live in. The investments we have made in heating systems, insulation and solar panels are helping us achieve a high SAP rating (the industry standard for energy efficiency) and keeping the cost of powering your home lower.

All of our homes meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standard.

We place you at the heart of all our actions and we value your feedback. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and there are many ways you can get involved in this process – from our Residents Board to our Scrutiny Panel and Area Panels.

To deliver the service you want, how you want it, and also make our services less expensive to run, this year we have launched MyCKH and Customer Central. We are also working really hard to support tenants in arrears, to help you keep on top of your rent payments and keep receiving the great services you expect from us.

We work hard to build even more new homes and offer good value for money so that we can continue to provide a huge range of services across the community.

In the last year we built 432 new homes.

Our Communities team supported 986 people into work and secured £125,000 of additional funding to support their life changing work.

We opened a new 53 unit short stay accommodation facility with Peterborough City Council.

We opened our second extra care scheme, Lapwing Apartments.

Our New Horizons and Community Connections projects supported 112 vulnerable residents to avoid homelessness.

Our ASB team supported 141 households.

Our Area Panels completed 15 environmental improvement projects.

Our Specialist Interventions team successfully closed 325 cases and supported 423 tenants.

Find out more about our performance in our annual report, available on our website, or pop into Customer Central to pick up a copy.