Paying your rent is an important part of living in a CKH home.

So that’s why we make it as easy as possible for you to pay your rent in a way that suits you - you can pay by Direct Debit, online, by app, by text, over the phone or in person. In return, we expect you to pay your rent in full. We think that’s fair.

If you’re worried about falling into arrears, we also make it really simple to get in touch with our Income Management team. We’re here Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, just give us a call on 01733 396483 to talk about budgeting and how to manage your rent account.

Christmas credit

It may feel like you have plenty of time to prepare, but with Christmas just a few months away, now is a good time to make sure that you have a plan in place to help you budget.

You need to prioritise paying your rent over the festive period so why not start preparing your rent account now? Just talk to a member of our Income Management team on 01733 396483. Just like you can prepare for Christmas spending using savings stamps or spreading the cost over several months, you can do the same with your rent. Talk to the team about paying a little extra each time to build up credit.

Ultimately, you should try to get ahead with your rent payments by at least four weeks. Having credit on your account is your safety net to make sure that you don’t fall into arrears if your circumstances change unexpectedly.

Crunching numbers with credit unions

If you have a low income or do not have a previous record of borrowing, a credit union might be a better option for you than a high street bank or building society. They exist to help people save what they can afford and avoid expensive borrowing like payday loans, or worse, loan sharks.

So if you’d like to start saving or need to take out a low-cost loan, check out your local credit union first.

Visit to find your local credit union.

Use MyCKH to take charge of your account

Login to MyCKH at any time of the day or night to see an up to date copy of your rent statement (payments take just 48 - 72 hours to display). It’s really easy to see if you’re in credit or arrears – and by how much. You can check if your Housing Benefit has been paid on time or even double check your rent and service charges.

Just visit to get started.

Switch to save this autumn

As the nights start to get a little longer and a little cooler, it will soon be time to think about heating your home for autumn and winter.

Keeping the house warm can be expensive, especially if you aren’t on the best fuel tariff for your home.

If you live in Peterborough, Energy Saving Switch could help you to save money on your bills. Find out more at or give them a call on 01733 646253.

We’ll be holding energy saving events to help you save money on energy over the winter too, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details.

The Energy Saving Trust also have some great advice on energy saving quick wins, visit their website at

Protect your home contents

It might seem hard to make the budget stretch to another cost, but home contents insurance could save you money at one of the most stressful times of your life.

If your home is damaged by fire or a burst pipe, or if someone breaks in, home contents insurance will help you cover the costs of replacing your belongings – including carpets, furniture, clothes and electrical items. Your insurance can also cover the cost of changing the locks.

My Home contents insurance scheme is a special insurance scheme provided by the National Housing Federation designed to offer affordable cover to housing association tenants like you. Find out more at