Have you tried MyCKH yet?

Manage your account in your own time with online access to your details. MyCKH lets you stay on top of your rent with access to up to date rent statements and details of your current charges, 24/7.

You can also report a repair in just two minutes using our easy form, just tell us about the problem and what your preferred appointment slot is.

You can do even more on MyCKH now too. Log on to:

  • Report fly-tipping on CKH land
  • Request a copy of your tenancy agreement
  • Request a copy of your rent statement

It’s really simple to get started, just visit crosskeyshomes.co.uk/registration and complete the easy form to register your account using your payment reference number and date of birth.

Then you can log in any time, anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer.

If you want to take advantage of MyCKH but would like some help to get started, visit us at Customer Central on Bridge Street in Peterborough and one of our friendly Sales and Service Advisers will be able to talk you through registering and how to make the most of your account.

Getting in touch is so easy using MyCKH, once you’ve logged in, our forms automatically fill in your personal details (like your name and address), so you can just tell us about the bit that matters to you.