Your guide to winter home care

The cold weather has arrived but is your home ready for winter?
These simple tips will help you care for your home and stay warm.

Winter-proof your home

Ensure your boiler and heating system is working

If you haven’t already, check your boiler and your heating system. Try turning your room thermostat to 21 degrees or higher and check if your radiators are heating up.

If you have any issues with your boiler and system, report it online via MyCKH before you risk being left without heating or hot water.

Prevent pipes from freezing

Try to keep your home as warm as possible. By opening the doors to all the rooms, you will allow warm air to circulate around the house. If you’re going away for a few days, it’s best to leave your heating on low to prevent pipes freezing and bursting.

Make the LEAP this winter

This free service could help you stay warm and reduce your energy bills. Check your eligibility and apply here.

Aim for a fat-free sink

Don’t let a blocked sink interrupt your celebrations:

  • Scrape leftover food and fats off your plates into your food waste bin
  • Use a container to gather oils and grease from roasting trays and frying pans
  • Make sure you give your plates and pans a wipe with a tissue to remove any fat or grease before placing them in the sink or dishwasher.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to clear any blockages. You will be charged if our Repairs team come out to deal with an issue which is your responsibility.

Safety first

Never overload plug sockets when you’re putting up your Christmas decorations. Even if you’re using an extension cord, make sure you follow the safety guidelines about safe use.

Double-check that candles are on fire-proof surfaces before you light them and make sure all candles and tea-lights are extinguished before you leave the room.

Christmas recycling dos and don’ts

Make sure you know how to deal with your Christmas waste. There are loads of bits and pieces which can be recycled and some surprising ones that can’t.


  • DO recycle Christmas cards and envelopes if they are made of paper
  • DO remove all tags, bows, and sellotape before putting wrapping paper in the recycling bin
  • DO check with your local council about how to recycle your Christmas tree. Sometimes you can cut them up and drop it in your garden waste bin. Wreaths, holly and mistletoe can also go in with garden waste
  • DO follow the disposal guidelines on your fairy lights as they can often be recycled


  • DON’T recycle cards if they are decorated with glitter or foil
  • DON’T put your Christmas tree in the paper recycling bin!
  • DON'T put batteries in the bin. Any shop that sells batteries should have a collection box for recycling your old ones

Keep our streets clean this Christmas

Unfortunately, with all the fun this time of year brings, it also sees a big increase in fly-tipping and problems with waste disposal.

Our Estate Rangers team work throughout the Christmas period to try to keep on top of all the extra reports we get to keep your neighbourhood clean, but we need your help to keep our streets clean. Be considerate to your neighbours, if you don’t want the waste inside your home any longer, they definitely don’t want to see it outside theirs!

Dispose of your waste responsibly!

Did you know that misusing your bin store to dump large items that don’t fit in the bins counts as fly-tipping? If you have large items to get rid of, we offer a bulky waste collection service within Peterborough. Book a collection for up to three items for £20 – you can request your collection via MyCKH. Your local council should have more advice on how to dispose of bulky items too.

You can report fly-tipping via MyCKH, just complete our simple form and share a photo of the waste.