Go green this Christmas

Cut food waste this Christmas

After a delicious Christmas meal, it’s a shame to let any food go to waste. Luckily, from sandwiches to curry there are endless possibilities for what you can do with leftovers. Plus, there are a few things you can do in advance to help you reduce your food waste.

Planning is key

When you’re going down the food aisles we all know how easy it is to pop a few extra bits in your basket, so plan ahead! Work out how many people you’re cooking for and what you can do with your left overs in advance. That way you can just buy what you need and keep costs under control too!

Store food properly

This is the key to getting the most out of your food and can make all the difference when it comes to food wastage. So check the sell-buy dates, make sure to store your vegetables in the fridge and freeze your meat to make them last longer.

Set a timer

There’s nothing worse than forgetting about something in the oven. Set timers or leave yourself a reminder so nothing gets burnt this year.

Get creative with leftovers

Despite all your effort you may have more leftovers than you expected. Why not take the opportunity to get creative and turn your leftovers into a tasty new meal?


Make sure you don’t pour your turkey fat down the sink. Any type of fat from cooking will cause a blockage. If we attend an appointment to look at a sink that has been blocked by food waste, you may be charged.

Instead, pour the fat into a container and wait for it to cool into a solid. Then you can throw it away in your general waste bin.

Skip the fly-tipping

This Christmas we need you to work with us to help keep fly-tipping at bay so we all can enjoy a rubbish-free holiday.

To help reduce the amount of rubbish on the streets make sure you put all materials that can be recycled in the appropriate bins. Check your local recycling information for details about what wrapping paper, packaging and decorations can be recycled.

The council is responsible for collecting your rubbish and often change the day of collections around bank holidays. Make sure you know which days they will be coming so you can get rid of your waste as quickly as possible. If they do not empty your bin, report the issue to the council waste helpline.

If new furniture or appliances are on your wish list, don’t forget to plan how you’re going to get rid of the old ones. There are a lot of charities that will collect second-hand items in good condition or if you live in Peterborough take advantage of our bulky waste collection service. We will remove up to three large items for a single fee of £20.

Get in touch with our Repairs Centre on 01733 585030 or login into MyCKH to book a collection.

Fly tipping not only causes health and safety issues for our communities but it also poses a huge risk to the environment. That’s why we are committed to fighting fly tipping all year long, let’s work together to make this Christmas no exception!